New Videos Page, Feedback & Suggestions

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Hello DragonBall Z Mod user, today we have added a new page to the site. On this page you can see every single Dragon Ball Z Mods video ever created by iManji. If you have nice ideas for content on Dragon Ball Z Mods or feedback, we’d like to hear from you. Comment them down below and we will see what we can do. Are you in for a nice Dragon Ball Z Mod video? Click … Read More

Much content incoming! – June 29

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Hello DBZ Modders and enthusiasts, me also know as Ultra and iManji the owners of almost have a big long vacation. That means this website is going to burst with content, mods, giveaways and much more! Make sure you and all of your friends are prepared, because this is going to happen soon enough. I hope you guys are ready, we will promise that you won’t be disappointed. For now we will go chill on … Read More

Webmaster here!

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Hello awesome Dragonball Z Community! My name is Ultra, and I am the webmaster of iManji his awesome website. The website is still in big progress, most of the design is done but as you may have noticed we still have to upload a bunch of content and mods. So this will come online in a couple of hours, days or maybe even weeks. But to do it as fast as possible we need you! … Read More

Hello DragonBall Z Fans!

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The time has come people! I now have my own website, most of you know me as iManji or Majinz. I do mods and YouTube myself and alot of people liked my mods. That is the reason I made a whole brand new website with the most epic DragonBall Z mods available! Make sure to register yourself on this awesome website. We will post here the latest news about Dragon Ball Z, and the latest … Read More