Vegito + Trunks Fusion

Vegito in his SSJ Blue form fuses with Trunks and his New form. resulting Vegunks Vegito SSJ Blue was seeing in DB Super with his fight against Zamasu. Trunks also was seeing in DB Super and now in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 they fuse and become on Supreme warrior. The fusion has new voices, new animations, new Skillset, new Combos and much more. how to select this character simply choose Hercule (costume 1). also the map … Read More

Vegito & Gogeta Fusion

Vegito & Gogeta Fusion

Vegito & Gogeta Fusion To select the fusion character select Pan costume 1 (To download disable adblock!)

Potara Fusion

potara fusion

Potara Fusion – Chaotzu costume 1 – 2 – 3 (To download disable adblock!)

Truhan Fusion Gohan, Trunks


To select this character go to babadi and select for the SSGSS Truhan costume 1 and SSG Costume 2 (To download disable adblock!)