Zoeck God of Destruction (Rework)

Zoeck God of Destruction

Zoeck the God of Destruction Unique Voice Set, moveset to select Zoeck choose Tambourine costume 1/2 (To download disable adblock!)

Goku God Pack (New Moveset)

Goku God Pack contains: – Goku End (Costume 4) Whis Costume Goku – Goku End (Costume 4) SSJ Goku with his costume (From episode Goku VS Grost) – Arale Costume 1 Goku God Costume (Red hair) – Arale Costume 2 Goku Whis costume (Red Hair) – Arale Costume 3 Goku Orignal Costume (Blue hair) – Arale Costume 4 Goku Whis Costume (Blue hair) – Link To Video – (To download disable adblock!)

Yagashin God of Destruction

Yagashin joins Tenkaichi 3 [Will get a new update soon] To select choose Spopovich costume (3) Yagashin has new Voices and a unique moveset (To download disable adblock!)

Zoeck the god of destruction!

Zoeck The God of destruction. Character Design credits to Salvamakoto Created in BT3 by Imanji Gaming (To download disable adblock!)