Vegito + Trunks Fusion

Vegito in his SSJ Blue form fuses with Trunks and his New form. resulting Vegunks Vegito SSJ Blue was seeing in DB Super with his fight against Zamasu. Trunks also was seeing in DB Super and now in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 they fuse and become on Supreme warrior. The fusion has new voices, new animations, new Skillset, new Combos and much more. how to select this character simply choose Hercule (costume 1). also the map … Read More

NEW BT3 Modded ISO

ISO Budokai Tenkaichi 3 New Mod

New ISO with new fresh mods, stages and music. Want to see what kind of contect will be in the ISO? Click here! (To download disable adblock!)

Zamasu – DragonBall Super


Zamasu – Join bt3 to select Zamasu you have to choose costume 1 chiaotzu for his orginal costume. Costume 2 is just different colors. Click here to see Zamasu in action! (To download disable adblock!)

Goku Black Base / SSJ Rose and White

Goku Black In All His Forms

Goku Black, all forms and all transformable. Last remake with new moves and again new voices too. To select goku black select videl and greatsaiyawoman. (To download disable adblock!)

Goku God Pack (New Moveset)

Goku God Pack contains: – Goku End (Costume 4) Whis Costume Goku – Goku End (Costume 4) SSJ Goku with his costume (From episode Goku VS Grost) – Arale Costume 1 Goku God Costume (Red hair) – Arale Costume 2 Goku Whis costume (Red Hair) – Arale Costume 3 Goku Orignal Costume (Blue hair) – Arale Costume 4 Goku Whis Costume (Blue hair) – Link To Video – (To download disable adblock!)

Glace / Frost Mod Pack

Appule Costume 1 = Frost Costume 2/3 = Glace Costume 3 can transform (To download disable adblock!)