Zamasu – DragonBall Super


Zamasu – Join bt3 to select Zamasu you have to choose costume 1 chiaotzu for his orginal costume. Costume 2 is just different colors. Click here to see Zamasu in action! (To download disable adblock!)

Buu Nemba

Buu Nemba

Buu Nemba Single Character Mod (To download disable adblock!)

Baby Cell

Baby Cell

Baby Cell Choose Frieza’s Soldier costume 1 (To download disable adblock!)

Ize (frostdemon)

Ize (frostdemon)

To select Ize (frostdemon) simply select the dodoria costume 1. (To download disable adblock!)



To select vegetrunks choose spopovich costume 1, you can transform into SsjB or select Cui costume 1 (To download disable adblock!)

Goku SSJ Blue (NEW Attack Pose!)

Gogeta SSJ Blue

Goku SSJ Blue updated his Super attackes Fighting style, Fighting Pose, Gave him new moves and updated the model it self. To select ssj blue goku select arale costume 1, 2 (To download disable adblock!)

Piccolo Super Namek!

Piccolo Super Namek

To select his new transformation it should be guldo costume 3 to transform into the transformation select piccolo (end) costume 3 (To download disable adblock!)

Arcotheon the Hunter

pcsx2-r5875 2015-09-26 14-06-54-661

A custom made saiyan made by imanji gaming Arcotheon the hunter is the most fearsome saiyan ever known. He has been known for slaughtering frieza’s entire race. and challenging the gods of destruction. (To download disable adblock!)

Rigor BT3

bandicam 2015-08-13 20-43-23-494

You can select Spopovich costume 1,2,3 to select difference versions of rigor. (To download disable adblock!)