King Cold Final Form

King Cold in his Final Form!

King Cold was a big wasted potential in DBZ. As we never got to see his full potential, so here i bring a mod of how the Final Form of King Cold would look like. This mod replaces Appule costume 1-2 and costume 3. (To download disable adblock!)

Good vs Evil Mod pack

Good vs Evil Mod pack

This pack contains: Goku SSJ Blue and Goku Black with his Forms. The characters that replaces these mods are Arale for Goku and Videl, Great Saiyawoman for Goku Black , SSJ Rose, SSJ White etc. These mods have been reworked and became better with new voices , new combos, new animations and Super Attacks. (To download disable adblock!)

Vegito + Trunks Fusion

Vegito + Trunks Fusion

Vegito & Trunks Fusion, Vegito in his SSJ Blue form fuses with Trunks and his New form. Resulting Vegunks. Vegito SSJ Blue was seeing in DB Super with his fight against Zamasu. Trunks also was seeing in DB Super and now in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 they fuse and become on Supreme warrior. The fusion has new voices, new animations, new Skillset, new Combos and much more. How to select this character simply choose Hercule (costume …

BT3 Version Latino Mod Pack + Japanese voices

BT3 Version Latino Mod Pack + Japanese voices

This BT3 mod pack contains the following characters : Vegito SSJ Blue: Super saiyan blue vegito with new voices for japanese and spanish. He has a new set of super attacks and a ultimate attack brand new combo set and awesome looking animations replaces master roshi (Fullpower). Zamasu: the DB Super Villain now in BT3 replaces chaotzu has unique combo set and super attacks and also cool animations. uses super 17 voices as they sound …

ISO Budokai Tenkaichi 3 New Mod

NEW BT3 Modded ISO

New ISO with new fresh mods, stages and music. Want to see what kind of contect will be in the ISO? Click here! (To download disable adblock!)

10k Special Mod Pack iManji Gaming

10K Special Mod Pack

The 10k Subscribers Special Mod Pack Contains 8 mods, 3 new maps. – Goku ssj blue – Trunks SSJ 4 – Gohan SSJ 4 – Frieza Timebreaker – Cell Timebreaker – Kid buu Timebreaker – Janemba Timebreaker – Omega shenron timebreaker (To download disable adblock!)

Getting Started With Modding BT3 Huds

Huds modding

Huds Modding Tutorial video > (To download disable adblock!)

Dragon Ball Z Texture Tutorial

Texture Tutorial Mod Pack

Texture Tutorial modpack, made by iManji Gaming. Check the tutorial here! (To download disable adblock!)



THE NEW ISO OF DRAGONBALL Z BT3! (To download disable adblock!) (To download disable adblock!)