Gogeta SSJ Blue 3 Costumes

Gogeta SSJ

To select Gogeta SSJ Blue go to master roshi base form. All 3 costumes. (To download disable adblock!)

Goku Black Base / SSJ Rose and White

Goku Black In All His Forms

Goku Black, all forms and all transformable. Last remake with new moves and again new voices too. To select goku black select videl and greatsaiyawoman. (To download disable adblock!)

Zenich / Zenich SSJ White


To select Zenich base form : select Appule costume 1,  you can transform. To select Zenich ssj white : select Cui costume 1 (To download disable adblock!)

SSJ White Rose

SSJ White Rose

To select SSJ White Rose: Videl Greatsaiyawoman Costume 1 : SSJ White Costume 2 : SSJ Rose (To download disable adblock!)

Gogeta SSJ Blue

Gogeta SSJ Blue

Gogeta SSJ Blue – Single Edition Select Roshi first form has 2 costumes, Buffed Roshi = Vegito Click here for the ‘new’ version, containing 3 costumes! (To download disable adblock!)

Vegito SSJ Blue

Vegito SSJ

Pick Roshi Max power costume 1 to play as Vegito SSJ Blue. (To download disable adblock!)

Goku SSJ Blue (NEW Attack Pose!)

Gogeta SSJ Blue

Goku SSJ Blue updated his Super attackes Fighting style, Fighting Pose, Gave him new moves and updated the model it self. To select ssj blue goku select arale costume 1, 2 (To download disable adblock!)

SSJG Goku (Fan made)


Goku ssj 4 costume 4 to select the fan made SSJG. (To download disable adblock!)

SSJ Turles

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Turles new transformation (To download disable adblock!)