New Videos Page, Feedback & Suggestions

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Hello DragonBall Z Mod user, today we have added a new page to the site. On this page you can see every single Dragon Ball Z Mods video ever created by iManji. If you have nice ideas for content on Dragon Ball Z Mods, we’d like to hear from you. Comment them down below and we will see what we can do. Are you in for a nice Dragon Ball Z Mod video? Click here!

Shop Sale and New Merchandise!

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Hello DragonBall Z Mods Users, the shop is filled with new items! Also some of them are on sale, so now is the time to get yourself some nice Dragon Ball Z gear. We also changed the design of the site to keep it fresh and clean. We hope you like it, we would love to know your toughts. Share them with us in the comments. Have fun! – Ultra

Spam attacks on Dragon Ball Z Mods

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Hello DragonBall Z Mods Users, we encountered a large spam attack on the website. Now we have set up a new security systems, wich contains Captcha on all forms. Im sorry that we could not get a transparant security but its needed to go against these spam attacks. The site won’t go offline anymore and I will wish you guys alot of fun.

New Merchandise In Our Shop!

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Hello DragonBall Z Mod users! We have some awesome new stuff in our shop, you may want to check it out. Also a bunch of new mods have been uploaded by iManji, but this is just the start. We will do giveaways at the point where we have 5000 users. Please share our website with all the people you know in the dragon ball z community. iManji and me have put alot of work in and I can see everyday we are growing. More users, more views, more downloads and alot of love of the community. Big thanks to all the people supporting DragonBall Z Mods!

Site Update & Mods Submission

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Hello users and visitors of Dragon Ball Z Mods. As you can see, if you have been here before our site is fully updated and better to use as before. We hope you enjoy the new lay-out as much as we do. If you have any ideas for our website, just contact us. We have succesfully integrated a form wich let users and non users submit mods. And yes we will credit to you also, even your YouTube channel if you wish. So I would like to say… Go! Go submit them mods! Make this library explode! We want your mods! I wish everyone a lot of fun on Dragon Ball Z Mods, enjoy your stay and if you have not allready… register now.

Much content incoming! – June 29

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Hello DBZ Modders and enthusiasts, me also know as Ultra and iManji the owners of almost have a big long vacation. That means this website is going to burst with content, mods, giveaways and much more! Make sure you and all of your friends are prepared, because this is going to happen soon enough. I hope you guys are ready, we will promise that you won’t be disappointed. For now we will go chill on DBZMods waiting for our big time soon. Stay tuned. – Ultra

Webmaster here!

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Hello awesome Dragonball Z Community! My name is Ultra, and I am the webmaster of iManji his awesome website. The website is still in big progress, most of the design is done but as you may have noticed we still have to upload a bunch of content and mods. So this will come online in a couple of hours, days or maybe even weeks. But to do it as fast as possible we need you! That is right we need your help!

If you have any ideas for the website itself or the content, we will look into it. Head over to the “Contact Us” page and tell us! There is alot of things we could add and alot of things we could change, and you are the one that can make us to. Hopefully everyone is going to enjoy his stay on DragonballZMods and if there is anything we could help you with don’t mind about contacting us! – Ultra


Hello DragonBall Z Fans!

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The time has come people! I now have my own website, most of you know me as iManji or Majinz. I do mods and YouTube myself and alot of people liked my mods. That is the reason I made a whole brand new website with the most epic DragonBall Z mods available! Make sure to register yourself on this awesome website. We will post here the latest news about Dragon Ball Z, and the latest mods including my own. Register now, and enjoy your stay on the growing DBZ Mod community. – iManji