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Hello awesome Dragonball Z Community! My name is Ultra, and I am the webmaster of iManji his awesome website. The website is still in big progress, most of the design is done but as you may have noticed we still have to upload a bunch of content and mods. So this will come online in a couple of hours, days or maybe even weeks. But to do it as fast as possible we need you! That is right we need your help!

If you have any ideas for the website itself or the content, we will look into it. Head over to the “Contact Us” page and tell us! There is alot of things we could add and alot of things we could change, and you are the one that can make us to. Hopefully everyone is going to enjoy his stay on DragonballZMods and if there is anything we could help you with don’t mind about contacting us! – Ultra



  1. Hey How do you put UNK files in tenkaichi? I know how to put in DKZ files but no idea how to insert UNK files.

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